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  • Daily thoughts may 14 2023

    I hope this mood stays with me. Normally I have problems that are not very easy to describe. I feel like the solar panel craze combined with the tree planting is going to change the world. I mostly keep to myself and make things. I have for a long time wanted to do more with…

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  • Life can be good

    I have been thinking a lot about how life has been for me. I truly belive my best days are coming up. It is hard to not think part of this was my own problems that I made. People have different ideas and views on what we should do in life. I think they should…

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  • Deep thoughts

    Come a long way this time I have had in life. It feels like forever since I was this sane. I found a soul and fought to save another every day in my mind. This journey has been the center of my life a long time. Getting back to physical reality I just hope I…

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